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A Social Media Holiday Classic: “Elf Yourself”

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In the spirit of the holidays, let’s revisit a social media “classic”: Office Max’s Elf Yourself campaign.  The campaign was launched in 2007 and is still extremely popular on social media. When social media trends typically enjoy an hour of popularity, this longevity is impressive. For less than the cost of a commercial, the “Elf…

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Pinterest: The Next Big Social Network?

Some of you may have read posts on Facebook over the past few weeks talking about Pinterest, the latest social media craze.  The site was created on Thanksgiving day 2009, and despite a slow start, it has since gone viral.  Its recent growth is rivaling Facebook’s early days.  After trying it out for a week,…

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Social TV’s Tweets, Apps, & Fangs

It’s Sunday night.  You’re curled up on your couch, beer in hand, eagerly anticipating the start of your favorite HBO show, be it Boardwalk Empire or True Blood.  Sound familiar?  Many of us know the appeal of following television shows.  We can get to know characters, experience twists and turns in the plot, and share…

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Go Mobile for 2012

With the dust still clearing from Black Friday, how could you not notice the hot ticket items this holiday season? Smartphones, E-readers and Tablets abound, as consumers want more and more on-the-go access. Welcome to the world of Mobile. While most of these devices have been around for years, companies are making more moves now…

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Social Media is Changing the Black Friday Game

Black Friday.  The day conjures images of people camping out all night in parking lots and fighting each other for the last free Furby.  Yikes.  It’s a day shopaholics and deal hounds wait for all year long while others avoid like MySpace.  Regardless of your feelings about the actual day, the social media world has…

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Bank of America’s Social Media Woes

By now, we’ve all heard the story of the tenacious 22 year old Molly Katchpole, the woman who effectively utilized social media to nix Bank of America’s $5 monthly debit card fee.  The scandal has been like watching the story of David and Goliath– the 22 year old Molly effectively challenged and won against one…

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5 Fun Tips for Siri

If you’re one of the 4 million new owners of the iPhone 4S this weekend, there’s no doubt that you’ve spent the past few days fiddling with your shiny new toy.  As of today, Monday, October 17, Apple is selling 16 new iPhones per second, making it the fastest selling gadget ever!  Wow.  One of…

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Steve Jobs and his Final Social Impact

As I walked through Uptown Minneapolis the other day, I encountered a beautiful tribute to Steve Jobs outside the Apple store.  Bouquets of flowers, cards, notes, and an apple lay on the sidewalk.  One note read: Steve, Thank you for wearing jeans to a corporate meeting. Stay hungry, Stay Foolish. You were amazing. The other…

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David Yurman’s Luxurious Social Appeal

Luxury brands have a bit of a problem.  Although their products are well known, they are also expensive, leading marketers to ask, “Do thousands of likes even equal one sale?”  Despite this dilemma, many of them are using social media in innovative and unique ways—bringing their cool factor up even more.  While most businesses use…

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The Home Depot: A Customer Service Success Story

In March 2007, a man named Scott Burns dropped a bomb on the Home Depot.  He posted an article on MSN titled “Is Home Depot Shafting Customers?” that outlined how the quality of his in-store experience has declined greatly over the past couple years.  He claimed the Home Depot was understaffed with employees who were…

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