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A Younger Breed of Social Media

We are living in a world where children tend to be more tech savvy than their parent, which can be a dangerous for parents and profitable for app developers. The app world has been open to children for a few years now, and companies are finding that children, having no concept of “real-world dollars”, are…

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Now Snapping in a City Near You

 Of all the social media platforms, Snapchat has been making the most moves lately. Do you need proof? “Ourstory”, Snapchat messenger and Videochat have all been released in the last 4 months. They are continuing the trend with ther newest addition, which is in my opinion, brilliant. It’s a “Geofilter” feature that allows you to add…

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Socialink Media Confirms the Legitimacy of Fake News

Advertisers don’t have a history of always taking the high road. There is a tidal wave of atrocious marketing and fake news sources that have joined forces in social media to create ads that never deliver what they claim. One would think that these advertisements wouldn’t have a presence on such a website as Facebook,…

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Facebook is dying… or is it? (It isn’t)

Facebook has been poking us in some uncomfortable places to see if we act funny. Some people are getting a little weirded out or annoyed, causing them to look for a new place to post their stuff. It’s a rough transition that most have been talking about for a few years now. However, getting away…

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The Smart House is at your doorstep. Will you let it into your home?

In case you have been living under a rock, a new wave of technologies will be knocking on your door in the next few years. People have been staying away from the “smart home” technologies. However, the industry value is projected to go through the roof… as much as 22.4 billion in America alone by…

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Social Media Privacy for Dummies

In lieu of the recent discovery that Facebook had manipulated thousands of Facebook timelines to study its affect on our emotions, I decided to go through and actually read the Facebook user agreement. After an arduous hour of reading boring legal jargon, here is what I took away from the Facebook, Google and Twitter “Privacy…

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Nobody is Wearing Wearable Technology…Yet

The title begs the question: when will smart glasses and watches catch on? When will they be another part of our technology infused society? The 2014 Google I/O developer event this upcoming weekend might hold the answer to some of your questions. Developer platforms are being made tailoring to the needs to wearable app developers,…

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BOBS – April, Facebook

Candy vs Brussel Sprouts: the New Commercial Battle

Long gone are the days when television viewers sat captive of shows and commercials.  Today, getting them to watch a commercial is the equivalent of having a two-year-old eat his brussel sprouts: it’s probably not going to happen. Commercials have been beat out by the candies of the world: cell phone games, social media sites…

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Snapchat Stories

Snapchat: Once thought of a place for inappropriate pictures to be sent for a 10 second lifespan has now reinvented its platform to become a cutting edge digital marketing tool. At the beginning of October, Snapchat announced its Stories feature, which compiles your Snapchats from over a 24-hour period into a single video. Your friends…

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