Candy vs Brussel Sprouts: the New Commercial Battle

Long gone are the days when television viewers sat captive of shows and commercials.  Today, getting them to watch a commercial is the equivalent of having a two-year-old eat his brussel sprouts: it’s probably not going to happen. Commercials have been beat out by the candies of the world: cell p... Read More »

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat: Once thought of a place for inappropriate pictures to be sent for a 10 second lifespan has now reinvented its platform to become a cutting edge digital marketing tool. At the beginning of October, Snapchat announced its Stories feature, which compiles your Snapchats from over a 24-hour per... Read More »

Facebook Graph Searches of Posts and Comments

A large portion of America refers to the fall as “Football Season”, but the technology and social media industry are turning it into “Graph Season”.  Recently, Google improved its graph search with the upgrade to Hummingbird and now Facebook is following suit. Facebook’s new graph search ... Read More »

Google’s Hummingbird: Giving you better answers

Say “Goodbye”, at least 90 percent of the time, to having to drudge through page after page of Google search results. Over the past month, Google has rolled out a new search algorithm, Hummingbird, which is meant to supply users with more accurate results for increasingly complex inquiries.  Hu... Read More »

Email Marketing Still Works For Online Sales

Email marketing still has an impact? Yes it does!  In a world where there have been massive life altering changes in online marketing, and companies must now readily have a presence on social media to stay afloat, recent findings from marketing data outfit, Custora found that good ol’ email still... Read More »

Will T-Commerce Last?

As Twitter works to make itself a more financially profitable entity, they’ve hired a commerce chief with the goal of pushing more commerce onto their platform. As the social media giant advances into the business sphere, the question is raised; is T-Commerce a viable business venture for the futu... Read More »

Comment on This Post to Win a Free Terms Change

Facebook has updated its Pages Terms this week in a move that should be welcomed by businesses of all sizes. Rather than the prior language, which forced businesses to administer promotions exclusively through apps, the current terms allow for promotions that are administered via Timelines, too. Now... Read More »

A Facebook Hashtag’s Marketing Potential

The hashtag in the Facebook newsfeed has allowed businesses to extend the reach of their conversations. #Marketing The introduction of the clickable Facebook hashtag has changed the way Facebook is used. Now, when you click on a hashtag you are prompted to a feed of public posts (posts that are visi... Read More »

Google’s New Tab Feature, Will it Kill Email Marketing?

Gmail’s new feature seems like a marketer’s worst nightmare…but is it? Here is an excerpt from Gmail’s blog: We get a lot of different types of email: messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations and receipts, and more. All of these emails can compete for ... Read More »

Facebook Becomes More Public With Embedded Posts

Expect to see Facebook everywhere you look now. Well, maybe not, but significantly more often on media sites. On Wednesday, Facebook announced a new feature, embeddable posts. The feature will begin rolling out over the next few weeks, and as of now is only exclusively offered to certain websites. ... Read More »

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