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Inside SociaLink: A Special Photoshoot with Teryelle Girls

Our Account Director, Casey Silver, shares her experience from a client photoshoot with a very important mission We’ve been working with Teryelle Girls, a bold girls fashion line, since August 2014. Taking a unique fashion stance in the industry, Teryelle also stands out because it’s designed, handmade and sourced entirely in the city of Chicago.…

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SociaLink is Hiring – Account Manager

What is it? A full time Social Media Account Manager position at a digital agency located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Tell me more. We’re looking for an Account Manager who is enthusiastic about social media. He or she will be responsible for a wide range of work focused on developing social…

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Staying Inspired: 7 Ways to Beat Creative Block

We’ve all been there; we have to be creative for 40-50 hours a week at our jobs, and sometimes, it just. gets. so. blah. Creative block is real, and if you say you don’t suffer from it, you’re either a liar or my new hero. But it’s not incurable. Here’s my list of ways to…

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Where We’re Going for Thankgiving

Social Media & Brand Transparency

Here at SociaLink, transparency and authenticity are critical in establishing brand loyalty with consumers. As an industry thought leader, Marty Pesis is instrumental in establishing the way SociaLink approaches social media strategy for every client.

Welcome UberX

Dear UberX – wow, thank you for entering my life.  Call me old fashioned but I LOVE taxi’s.  I love being honked at on the street.  I love how the drivers cruise through city streets with grace.  I love the smell.  I love how my driver is always seem to be engaged in really important, hands-free…

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April 3: TBT

An Ode to Statigram

My dearest Iconosquare (formally known as Statigram), You’re always up on my browser, but in my heart you belong I search through you on the daily, your platform’s so strong You know what I like and you see where I’ve been You help me count likes and report on a client win We search uncharted…

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Canva: a Love Ballad

My Dearest Canva, Some graphics are red others are blue But the best ones I make are made with you Your typefonts are pretty Your formatting so clean My boss looked on with pity Before you entered the scene You create graphics in a snap Masking my novice skill my clients tip their hats when…

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My Love Letter to VSCOcam

My Dearest VSCOcam, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love you The past few years have brought many technological advances, but none compare to you and the way that you make my iPhone photos seem like I took them with film. Good ol’ film. Indeed, you’re the only one who…

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iPhone 6. The reviews are in!

Did we as a team live stream Apple’s September event on the office big screen? Yes. Did we give up despite Mandarin voice feeds, multiple stream disruptions, and a cacophony of background noises? Definitely not. This is the iPhone 6 people. While the September event failed to convert office Android loyalist, Taryn, they had the rest…

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